Lightning Detector Circuit

This Do-it-yourself lightning detector circuit can be a especially sensitive static electricity detector which can supply an early warning of approaching storms from inter-cloud discharge properly prior to an earth-to-sky return strike takes location. An aerial (antenna) formed of the brief duration of wire detects storms inside a two mile radius. The circuit emits an audible warning tone from a piezo buzzer, or flashes an LED for each discharge detected, providing you advance warning of impendig storms so that precautions may be observed.
The primary characteristic inside the lighting detector is the circuit’s ability to be set near to self-oscillation, with its leisure optimised via the bias resistor values demonstrated within the circuit diagram. The oscillator is dc coupled and feedback is routed through the collector of TR1 towards the base of TR2, whilst the overall loop acquire is set using the multiturn(12, eighteen or 22) preset VR1.
Lightning detector circuit establishing
To create the lightning sensor, change preset VR1 for oscillation by monitoring test point TP1, which must be at roughly 7volts peak-to-peak. Test level TP2 should be at +6V dc. Now readjust VR1 back again a bit to quit oscillation; use a screwdriver to touch the aerial-side of C1 a variety of occasions; the alarm ought to sound for one or two seconds then stop. If it continues, create a extremely tiny adjustment back again and recheck. The other technique is to electrostatically cost a plastic ruler after which draw your finger shut to discharge, about two meter away through the aerial.
Driven from a nine volts battery the lightning detector circuit consumes about 600 uA in standby. Powered continously it could supply a fantastic yr of uninterrupted monitoring. When sounding the alarm, the current will rise to 4mA based on the low current sounder WD1. A minimal three volts system is required for a great output level and it is going to create a “pinging” alarm to warn in real time of any electrostatic pulse activity.

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