Mackie HR824 MK2 - 2-Way Active Studio Monitors That Deliver The Clarity Your Mixes Deserve

Exceptional quality does not necessarily mean a large price tag. The Mackie HR824 MK2 provide the professionally renowned mackie brand quality with high end consumer audio prices.

In conjunction with EAW (the high-end live sound system people) Mackie engineers have developed the HR824 MKII for use in a wide variety of critical listening situations without compromising on the performance.

With a round edged design that combats diffraction and a shiny finish, the famous characteristics of the mackie brand are not lost. Whether you use them for gaming, surround sound in a project studio or a professional facility, the Mackie HR824 MK2 nearfield monitors deliver clear detailed mixes.

Whether you are mixing classical or jazz, electronika or rock, the nuances of all aspects of the mix can be heard with clarity due to the 8.75in woofer providing tight bass and the 1in tweeter delivering crisp highs. You can even hear the separation between instruments that share the same frequency domain.

The sweet spot is very wide allowing you to make adjustments to any outboard gear you may have or playing an instrument whilst still being in control of the mix. Even when you listen to a final mix on your home reference speakers, you can tell that the Mackie HR824 MK 2 are very true sounding and accurate. Trust is something we all have come to be able to do with Mackie products anyway. The driver layout means that there is no need for left and right speakers and the logo is rotatable so even if you prefer mounting the speakers on their sides the logo can be the right way up. A nice idea!

The cabinet dimensions of the Mackie HR824 MKII studio monitors are 425 x 273 x 351 mm and are made out of a porous acoustic foam which reduces internal reflections.

Due to the fact that, in manufacture, the gain and frequency response of the speakers are individually adjusted and you can further adjust the gain and frequency response individually by a pot at the back for your own listening environment, the speaker pairs are better matched than others in the category.

The Mackie HR824 MK2 reference monitors can be used in a surround set up with the addition of a sub woofer and they are THX pm3 approved so even professional studios can, and do, use them. Low frequency powered by 150 W amp and the tweeter at 100 W but this can be twice as much for short peaks. The crossover is a modified Linkwitz-Riley filter, with a 24dB per octave slope and a crossover frequency of 1.9kHz. The peak SPL per pair at one metre is quoted as 120dB peak or 111dB short term.

All the controls are on the back except the power on/off and include the inputs Balanced/Unbalanced XLR and 1/4 inch TRS and an unbalanced RCA phono. There is also rotary controls for input sensitivity and a three way slide to select the mains power supply. The Mackie HR824 MK2 monitors also have an auto off mode if no sound is produced for eight minutes but kick into action when a decent level is detected at the input. You can even make adjustments for your room space and dimensions using the acoustic space switch which actually works and the three settings for LF roll off which go down to 37Hz compensate for inadequate bass trapping or small listening environments.

The character is preserved and the sound quality is excellent offering incredible depth of field, superior detailed bass extension, shimmering highs and more articulate mids than anything in this price range. Even monitors that are 1000 dollars more expensive do not sound as smooth or well balanced as these.

Overall the sound is smooth with the mid range retaining clarity and detail while, for speakers this size, the bass is extremely impressive.

There is no excuse for bad mixes with these speakers unless you mix in a glass box so to find out how to order these excellent studio monitors from a trusted source, visit here

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